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Declaration of revival of the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria


To the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe

We, the undersigned Brethren Freemasons, by a vote of the Master Masons and in the presence of all Apprentices and Fellow Crafts, members of the Association have taken on the 17th day of the month May, 2010 in Sofia, the solemn decision:
To restore the Light of the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria, which was given in 1917 by the Grand Lodge of France and to continue with the approval of the French Brethren the way of our Bulgarian Brethren, which was violently suspended in 1940.
We feel as their successors and take with great responsibility the paths of our Brethren.
The practice of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, in the Freemasonry based on very high moral and ethical standards is our goal. Our inviolable values are the Freedom of thought and choice and respect for the dignity of every Brother.

We believe that Masonry should and can give its attributed to the unification of the people, and to extend understanding among all Freemasons and not to separate them. This is our long-term program and the spirit of educating the new generations of coming Freemasons.

We declare to be the heirs of all things, documents, objects and privileges of the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria, established in 1917.

The program of the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria is concentrated into three components:
• The selection of candidates for their initiation into Masonry, be very demanding, strict and directed by the spiritual values of the Candidate.
• The ritual work to be at very high level and the quality to have priority against the quantity in all our Constituent Lodges.
• The Lodges as whole, and each of the Brothers to participate in charity events and to take part in projects for the benefit of the Bulgarian society, but with modesty and without much exposure.

We believe that this is the way to build a successful and useful social life, to attract to itself all the creative forces and to achieve prosperity of our society.

Long live our country Bulgaria!